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Who provides the most accurate electronic
ergometer commercially available?

Have you been looking for an electronic bicycle ergometer which provides the highest laboratory grade accuracy and repeatability, the widest load range of any commercially available electronic ergometer, high durability/low maintenance and all at a price that will extend your departmental budget?

The Velotron Dynafit lab is the premium product in the Racermate range. It was specifically designed to be used in universities, sports science labs, and bicycle coaching/testing centres, often in conjunction with the optional Wingate Test software.

Cyclists and triathletes love it because it actually looks like a bike and the accuracy of the data is equal to or better than many of the products at double the price. We challenge you to find a bicycle ergometer that will take care of all of your testing and research needs, within this price bracket.

For more information call me, Simon Ward, on the number at the top of the page or read on below to discover more of the features and benefits of the Velotron.

Controlled, precision electronic bicycle ergometer/trainer

Velotron is a computer controlled, precision electronic bicycle ergometer/trainer of a proprietary new design. Its mechanical design provides the highest laboratory grade accuracy and repeatability, the widest load range of any commercially available electronic ergometer, high durability/low maintenance, and an authentic road feel that closely simulates riding outdoors. The system uses an innovative patented eddy current brake built around a heavy (55lb), large diameter flywheel with an internal freewheel. It uses a fixed ratio, high efficiency chain drive. Shifting is accomplished electronically with "virtual" gearing.

Velotron is widely used in universities, sports science labs, and bicycle coaching/testing centres, often in conjunction with the optional Wingate Test software. Velotron's ultra-low starting load of 5 watts is advantageous for rehab, cardio, pulmonary and orthopaedic applications. Because of its superior accuracy Velotron is the only bicycle ergometer approved for use in the USA Cycling National Talent Search.

Velotron can be used across a wide range of
applications that can really make a difference

Accuracy, Repeatability and Load Range

Velotron creates loads from 5 to 2000 watts which covers the entire range of human capability. Accuracy is +/- 1.5% of reading across the entire load range. Repeatability of +/- 0.2 % or better. This level of accuracy/repeatability meets or exceeds that of competitive laboratory bicycle ergometers costing £6,200 to £12,345. The system’s negligible internal friction makes possible a lower load limit of 5 watts which sets a new minimum limit for electronic bicycle ergometers.

Lifetime Calibration

Velotron is dynamometer calibrated and by design does not require recalibration like ergometers based on strain gauges which drift over time.

Accuwatt Calibration Verification

Unique to Velotron, the AccuWatt calibration checking procedure (patent pending) quickly compares present performance to the original factory performance to verify that no change has occurred.

Massive Flywheel

Large diameter, 55lb. flywheel with free-wheel provides an exceptionally realistic bike-like ride including coasting downhill. No knee strain during deceleration as with "spinning bikes".

Electronic Gear Shifting

Velotron uses a fixed ratio chain drive. Shifting is done electronically from the handlebar controller or PC keyboard. The rider can set "virtual" gears to mimic the chain ring/rear cluster combinations on a bicycle.


Velotron is controlled by system software which runs on Windows 95, 98, ME, 2000 and XP laptop and desktop computers. The software has two distinct functional modes: Ergometer mode and Bicycle simulation mode. Watts, cadence, heartrate, speed, distance, time and calories are displayed and recorded for instantaneous, average and peak values. SpinScan pedal stroke analysis measures biomechanical efficiency. Features include programmable workload protocols, motivational 3D bike courses, two-person races, recordable performances, course creation either manually or with optional Topo USA Course Creator topographical software.

Velotron Sports Science

Velotron is the ONLY commercially available laboratory-accurate electronic bicycle ergometer which permits the use of the rider’s own bicycle frame. Since it is generally acknowledged that testing on a rider’s own bike provides the most meaningful test results, it follows that Velotron has an important advantage over other ergometers.

Velotron also has other important advantages for sports science applications. Its price below £3,700 is half the cost of the Lode Ergometer and only a third that of the SRM Ergometer. This price advantage comes with no sacrifice in accuracy, durability, or serviceability. And its maximum load capability of 2000 watts exceeds the physical capabilities of all but a handful of track champions.

The accuracy of each Velotron is established by reference to RacerMate’s in-house laboratory bicycle dynamometer which can be read to an accuracy of 1%. Of perhaps greater importance is the fact that Velotron’s repeatability is in a class by itself – better than 0.01%! The system is permanently calibrated at the factory, and there is nothing inherent in the design which would lead to calibration drift in the field. The calibration can be checked before each use with AccuWatt , a proprietary calibration verification procedure (patent pending) which takes less than 10 seconds.

Velotron durability is expected to exceed that of CompuTrainer, which in commercial applications has reached 125,000 race cycles without failure with a service life of 10 years or more. Occasional cleaning and oiling of the drive chain is the only routine maintenance step required.

A modular design ensures easy serviceability. The eddy current brake/electronics sub-assembly is housed in a single aluminium enclosure which can be easily removed and exchanged for a factory replacement so that downtime is essentially eliminated. The Velotron system software is Windows PC based and highly versatile. Testing and training protocols can be established either in terms of watts and time, or distance and grade. The results are displayed instantaneously as well as in averages and maximum values for each performance variable. Variables displayed and recorded include watts, heartrate, speed, cadence, distance, SpinScan number, left/right leg power split, and PulsePower number (watts per heartbeat per pound).

Controlled by Windows based software running on a separate laptop or desktop PC, the software has two separate and distinct functional modes: Ergometer mode and Bicycle Simulation mode which includes the effects of wind resistance, rider weight, rider aerodynamic drag factor, road grade, speed, acceleration and inertia.

Velotron Products - Wingate Software

When combined with this software, Velotron is the only affordable electronic Wingate testing platform available today! With Velotron’s “quick-cooling” design, there is no need to worry about temperature increases associated with other electronic Wingate testers, so repeated tests can be done within minutes of each other.

Velotron also takes into account the acceleration and deceleration of the flywheel mass so wattages shown are extremely accurate. Use the powerful database function to store client information and performance results for easy access and retrieval.

Key Features:

· Powerful Database Function

Unlimited database and client storage and creation. Immediate access to any database or client using an intuitive tree structure, or by use of more conventional drop-down menus.

· Torque Types

Select from 3 available torque functions:
1) Percentage of body weight
2) Torque (in Newton-meters or Foot-pounds)
3) Dropped Weight
Conversion routine allows quick check of each type relating to the other.

· Protocols

Create an unlimited variety of protocols for any test you may want to run. Protocols include warm-up workloads, variable speed-up durations, variable Wingate durations, and recovery workloads.

· Plot Results

Results will plot at the end of the test whether the performance file is saved or not. Easily plot any saved performance file from the tree view. Print any plot view for a hard copy of the results.

· Consecutive Results

Every test run on Velotron Wingate Software will be stored into the Wingate Results.csv file. This file can be sorted by any database, client, or performance variable for quick ranking of results and subsequent printing.

· Data Displays

Velotron Wingate Software can display Anaerobic Power and Capacity; Fatigue Index; Total Work and a host of other critical pieces of information. Y-axis scales can be changed to any range in both pre and post analysis.

· Export

Export performance to Comma Separated Value (".csv) format for use in other applications that accept this file format.

· Print

Print any plot of performance data or print an entire run of clients' results by sorting the list by any performance variable within the Wingate Results.csv file.

· Two Versions Available

Using your standard Velotron you can run tests up to 1600 watts at 160 RPM, or order the High Watt version to increase this range to 2300 watts at 160 RPM. High Watt version requires new Bottom Bracket Cartridge, Bottom Bracket Removal Tool and 85 Tooth Front Sprocket (included).

· Read the Manual Here

Click Here to download the manual in PDF.

· Read the Sales Brochure

Click Here to open and read the sales brochure (printable).

Velotron VariCrank

In the past determining the correct crank length for an individual cyclist has been primarily a trial and error process with limited basis in science. Few bike shops offer sizes outside the standard crank lengths of 170mm, 172.5mm and 175mm. And testing the effectiveness of different crank lengths on the road is time consuming and often yields inconclusive results because separating the effect of crank length from other variables on the road is very difficult if not impossible. The combination of VariCrank with CompuTrainer/Velotron has changed this situation because it is now possible to change the single variable, crank length, while leaving all the others constant. One protocol to establish a more efficient crank length for level road cycling follows:

(1) First Week

Set the VariCrank to match the cyclist's current crank length to establish a baseline measurement. Ride the CompuTrainer in the Coaching Software Ergo mode at a set wattage that can be maintained for at least 30 minutes without excessive effort for each crank length and RPM session. For each testing session first warm up on the CompuTrainer for at least 10 minutes at 75 to 100 watts, and do the coast down calibration step. Adjust the press-on force to 2.00 or as close to that as possible. On the first day ride at 60RPM for the 30 minute session and at the end of the session record the average heartrate and Pulse Power number. Repeat this process at the same time of day for 2 more days at the same wattage level. On day two, ride at 90RPM and day three at 110RPM.

(2) Second Week

Adjust the VariCrank length either up or down by 2.5mm and repeat the process. If the average heartrate decreases (and Pulse Power number increases) the new crank length is more efficient. Continue increasing or decreasing the crank length until the average heart starts to increase. The crank length which results in the lowest average heartrate is the correct crank length for level road cycling. In addition, by looking at the RPM and average heartrate you can determine the most efficient cadence for the athlete for each crank length.

Other protocols can be set up using the CompuTrainer's ability to create hills to determine the best crank length to use in hilly country. Varicrank adjusts quickly (less than a minute) to any length from 165mm to 185mm in 2.5mm increments. Since adjusting the crank length has no effect on chain ring alignment, no other time consuming adjustments are required. Hence, it is entirely feasible to use VariCrank on the road and to adjust the crank length to match the terrain. VariCrank is precision machined from 6061 T6 Aluminium Alloy and has a hard anodised black finish. It is built to last indefinitely, carries a 1 year limited warranty, and is prodigiously strong. A set of VariCrank weighs 2.2lbs.

Patents have been applied for.

With the revolutionary VariCrank plus CompuTrainer or Velotron, you can isolate and measure the effect of crank length on your cycling performance. Determine your optimum crank length the scientific way and gain that extra edge!

  • Quick adjustment from 165mm to 185mm
  • No effect whatsoever on Chain Ring A lignment
  • Use with CompuTrainer, Velotron Size Cycle and on or off road
  • Machined from 606IT6 aluminum alloy
  • Standard Shimano bottom bracket taper
  • Standard Shimano 130mm bolt pattern
  • 1 Year Warranty.
Two Year Limited Warranty

RacerMate Velotron is warranted to the original purchaser for a two-year period from the original purchase date against defective material and workmanship. Any implied warranties are also limited in duration to two years from the original purchase date. During the warranty period RacerMate will repair, or at its option replace, any part that proves upon inspection to be defective. Products subject to improper installation, misuse, neglect, accident, alteration, or unauthorised repair shall be excluded from this warranty. To obtain warranty service, proof of original purchase date must be furnished. RacerMate shall not be liable for shipping cost to the factory, consequential costs, expenses or damages incurred by the purchaser. This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights that vary from state to state. Velotron is shipped fully assembled in a palletised carton for forklift handling. Shipping weight approximately 200lbs.